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Event Operations and Production

This class reviews the range of skills and knowledge that is critical to the effective organizing of meetings and conventions. It analyzes the principles and techniques related to the entire conference/event-planning process, from the initial concept to the execution and post-event evaluation. It will provide you with a thorough understanding of relevant business principles and theories, and based upon these, will enable you to develop a critical awareness of the complex range of business skills and techniques required of those with responsibility for organizing conferences and events either on behalf of clients or for their own organizations.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A comprehensive understanding of the range of business skills and techniques that contributes to the organization of successful conferences and events
  • The ability to identify the logistical and strategic tasks that constitute the successive stages of conference/events planning
  • Familiarity with the elements that constitute the design and the content of conferences and events, and a full appreciation of the internal and external factors that can determine their design and content

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  • Spring 2018
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    • Semester

      Spring 2018
    • Date

      Mar 13 - Apr 12
    • Day

      Tu, Th
    • Time

      • In-Person/Online Blended
    • Format

      In-Person/Online Blended
      • In-Person/Online Blended
    • Sessions

    • Faculty

      Naif, Annette
    • Location

      Location TBA
    • Apr 10 – Apr 12
    • Tuesday, Thursday
    • 6:20PM – 8:50PM
    • Location TBA
    • Mar 13 – Mar 29
    • Tuesday, Thursday
    • 6:20PM – 8:50PM
    • Location TBA
    • Mar 13 – Apr 12
    • Self-Paced
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