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Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, and Big Data

The collection, analysis, and visualization of complex data play critical roles in research, business, and government. Powerful tools from applied statistics, mathematics, and computational science can be used to uncover the meaning behind complex data sets. Gain an overview of the relevant pivotal concepts and explore in depth specific areas of statistics and analytic techniques that allow you to provide data summarization (e.g., through visualization), to identify important patterns and trends, and to apply practical skills and a theoretical basis for approaching challenging data analysis problems. Big data and analytics are crucial to data visualization, as big-data insights and predictions are more easily understood when presented in visual form.
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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to articulate the value of predictive analytics and to select the appropriate analytic approach given a situation
  • The ability to collect the data necessary for predictive analytic techniques

Ideal for

  • Those who want to improve their data preparation and presentation skills
  • Those who want to improve their data mining and statistical modeling skills
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