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Introduction to Data Visualization

Data visualization is the process used to communicate information clearly in graphical form. Gain an overview of the concepts and models used to visualize data with a focus on trends in the fields of business, journalism, and graphic design. Examine data visualization projects and learn how these projects integrate statistical analysis, computer science, and graphic design.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the key techniques and theory used in visualization, including data models, graphical perception, and techniques for visual encoding and interaction
  • Exposure to a number of common data domains and corresponding analysis tasks, including multivariate data, networks, text, and cartography
  • Practical experience building and evaluating visualization systems

Ideal for

  • Business professionals who want to turn data into information
  • Excel users who want to take their reporting and analysis to the next level
  • Students who want to learn powerful methods of data analysis
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