Environmental, Social, and Governance (Big Ideas)

Environmental, Social, and Governance practices (collectively referred to as ESG ) are a growing focus of corporate social responsibility. Companies seeking to raise institutional capital for their business operations and investments must now report on their ESG goals and accomplishments. Currently, asset managers representing approximately 30% of all professionally managed assets are seeking ESG criteria before making allocations and investment commitments. This course will explore the sudden drive for ESG adoption; review the reporting mechanisms and protocols specific to real estate; examine companies' costs of borrowing capital and how it will soon be affected by its demonstration of ESG practices. 

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Understanding of market conditions leading to the rise in demand for ESG across capital markets.
  • Knowledge of what is driving the demand for ESG practices among real estate’s stakeholders––ranging from building occupants to investors.
  • The ability to recognize what a comprehensive ESG program entails and what it takes to build one.
  • Acknowledgement of risks and threats associated with a lack of comprehensive ESG practices.
  • Appreciation of the need for top-down as well as bottom-up ESG practice.
  • Knowledge of which programs and resources are needed to develop and report ESG efforts.
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