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World-Class Organizational Culture

Organizations that have built world-class cultures are better able to navigate constant market change and uncharted conditions and have greater access to top talent. Having a world-class organizational culture can help a firm to gain an invaluable, lasting competitive advantage in practically any industry. In this course, acquire an understanding of why a world-class culture matters in today’s organizations. The course will review organizational best practices, with a focus on the benefits to and impacts on both employees and clients, including how to apply culture to employee recruitment.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of how and why to treat employees like strategic partners
  • Tools to build a world-class organizational culture and to market it effectively
  • The skills to ensure that clients are trusted partners

Ideal for

  • Entrepreneurs looking to obtain a deeper and broader understanding of organizational culture
  • Senior management and business owners seeking organizational ideas and strategies to implement within their own teams

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