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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Today, it is not your intelligence quotient (IQ) but rather your emotional quotient (EQ)—coupled with technical skills—that leads to success in business and in life. From top executives to line managers, leaders must possess the values, behaviors, and emotions that contribute to a high EQ. Examine the value of EQ in the workplace. Recognize and implement the four core skills, explore the second-level skills needed to inspire others, and learn techniques to develop both. Assess your own EQ leadership skills, and then create an individualized action plan to boost your EQ.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the value of emotional intelligence in the workplace and the ability to assess your own emotional quotient (EQ)
  • An individualized action plan to boost your EQ

Ideal for

  • All levels of professionals who seek to explore the core concepts of emotional intelligence
  • Professionals across the experience spectrum who want to improve their emotional quotient (EQ) leadership skills

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