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Entrepreneurial Problem Solving

Many problems in business and life are too big for one person to solve and lie outside existing organizations’ focus. Often, solving these problems would benefit society, while being profitable, engaging, emotionally rewarding, and socially valued. The ability to identify problems and to create solutions that others value is a skill that engenders independence, opportunity, and one’s choice of projects, place of work, and career path. Experiential entrepreneurship develops your ability to identify such problems, to solve them, and to market the solutions systematically and consistently. This course imparts strategies that are effective when working in large organizations—where they create responsibility and opportunity for promotion—as well as when starting new organizations or when simply problem solving in life. The course builds upon exercises and projects connected to participants’ lives. Learn skills and perspectives that apply broadly, beyond just starting ventures, so that you can apply what you learn to create projects in large companies, for community organizations, and for other classes. This class is social and interactive in nature.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to identify and collaboratively solve problems
  • Experience creating profitable solutions and operating models

Ideal for

  • All levels of professionals seeking to explore the core concepts of entrepreneurial problem solving
  • Professionals working in large organizations, starting new organizations, or simply problem solving in life
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