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The Contemporary Art Market: What to Look For

This course teaches contemporary art connoisseurship from the perspective of a fine art appraiser. What makes certain works soar in value and others stagnate? How can you spot tomorrow’s star at Art Basel or at a Lower East Side gallery? How do you determine what an artist’s most important work is? Hone your critical and aesthetic judgment skills, while keeping a market perspective in mind. Discuss the markets for numerous contemporary artists, both emerging and established, considering both auction and dealer marketplaces. There will be a visit to an art fair specializing in contemporary art. This course is designed for those working in a variety of art professions as well as collectors and other enthusiasts of contemporary art.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of how values for works of art are set and change over time
  • Familiarity with emerging and established contemporary artists
  • Knowledge of the different marketplaces for contemporary art

Ideal for

  • Those working in a variety of art professions
  • Enthusiasts of contemporary art
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