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Overview of Assessment and Management of Voice Disorders

When a high-profile performer cancels a gig at the last minute due to laryngitis or a vocal injury, fans are disappointed, money is lost, and their career may be damaged. However, voice disorders affect not just performers, but an estimated one out of 13 adults in the United States every year, with professional voice users such as teachers being at a particularly high risk. All vocologists should have a basic understanding of how voice disorders develop and are identified and treated. This course will introduce an overview of the multidisciplinary assessment of voice disorders, an introduction to behavioral, medical, and surgical treatments for voice disorders, and information about vocal hygiene and healthy voice practices that can be utilized by any vocologist. Advanced training in specific medical and allied health professions is required to evaluate and treat individuals with voice disorders; therefore, special attention will be paid to understanding the individuals that make up the voice care team, professional scopes of practice and ethics, and how the various professionals can successfully work together in the identification and treatment of voice disorders.
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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the causes of voice disorders
  • An understanding of the multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment of voice disorders
  • Skills to work with other vocologists on the voice care team

Ideal for

  • Anyone interested in understanding fundamentals of healthy voice use and causes of voice disorders
  • Vocologists who interact with medical professionals who care for voice disorders
  • Vocologists who work with professional voice users who are at an increased risk for voice disorders

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