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Build, Bundle, Badge Your Expertise

By enrolling in an NYU SPS Continuing Education Course you show the initiative for wanting to broaden your skill set, increase your knowledge, and enhance your résumé. Why not let current and prospective employers, professional colleagues, and friends and family members know?

In recognition of your motivation to further your education, the NYU School of Professional Studies has instituted Professional Development Badging that will allow you to proudly display your accomplishments through your social media presence and on your digital résumé.

Don't miss this opportunity to let current and future employers know about all that you have achieved in the classroom and beyond. Take advantage of this innovative option for differentiating yourself in the marketplace. Build, bundle, and badge your expertise. LET THEM KNOW YOU'RE A PRO.

How It Works

Course Badges

Professional Development Badges can be earned in one specialty area or from a mix of courses in a variety of different industry verticals including real estate, marketing, hospitality, law, sports management, public relations, finance, global affairs, publishing, project management, the humanities, among others. Building knowledge in this way provides you with a unique combination of skills that sets your résumé apart.

Badges can be earned and displayed as evidence of your interest in advancing in your career and in staying current on the latest trends in your field. In highly competitive job markets, these icons of achievement position you as a proactive learner and as someone who is at the forefront of their profession.

Each badge will link directly into the course content you have completed, providing a snapshot of the knowledge you have acquired.

The Professional Development Gold Standard Course Badge highlights the accomplishments of students who complete a Continuing Education Course for which they have chosen to be evaluated and have earned a grade of B or higher.

Series Badges

Upon successful completion of six courses, you will earn a series badge. Clicking though a series badge allows for exploration of the six courses that were completed to earn the badge. Detailed course information for each course provides a comprehensive summary of your expertise to current employers as well as hiring managers.

The Professional Development Gold Standard Series Badge can be earned by completing six continuing education courses for which you have chosen to be evaluated and have earned a grade of B or higher.

How to Collect Your Badge/s

Once you have successfully completed a course and your grade has been posted, you will automatically receive a notification that you can collect your badge. Each time you complete a course, the same process will occur, until you have completed six courses, at which time you will be notified about collecting your series badge.

A separate account will be established for you to complete all badge-related activity—a place where you can see the badges you have earned and manage the ways in which you use them.