Spirit Week


Spirit Week

Our values for Excellence and  Innovation, Community and Collaboration, and Diversity and Inclusion are stronger than ever. This year’s Spirit Week, we celebrate and embrace our togetherness as a community of eager learners and of culturally diverse backgrounds. Nowhere is it more evident that our school embodies this vision than in our 2020 Spirit Week. 


While we may not be together in the traditional sense, NYU SPS is proud to offer a week of virtual experiences meant to foster a sense of true community and school spirit. Our renowned Spirit Week has been reimagined - thanks to the tireless work and creative vision set forward in sponsorship by both the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Councils under the umbrella of the SPS Office of Student Life.


In a time where so many of us must be physically apart, SPS Spirit Week offers a chance to celebrate and come together through an exciting myriad of options over the course of an action-packed week. The extensive, high-powered line-up for the week has students guaranteed to find something interesting and distinctive: a virtual visit to the renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art; a comedy night hosted online full of uproarious laughter and Drag Queen glamor; professional and industry tips and tricks for self-development.


Students can also expect many of Spirit Week mainstays such as Wellness Day and Community Service Day. We will celebrate inclusion with International Day, where we celebrate our diversity here at NYU SPS with activities such as our virtual Global Get Together and our Cooking Class on IG Live. 


Can’t wait for the events to commence? Get prepared AND pumped by downloading our Spotify SPS Spirit Week Joint Playlist or download and send pics on IG with our new custom filters, and DON’T forget to tag @nyuspsstudentaffairs or @SPSUSC or @SPSGSC to send and share with other members of the SPS family and  make sure to use our hashtag: #SPSSpiritWeek20.


October 19 - 25, 2020


All events are virtual

Spirit Week 2020

Video Highlights

Look forward to Spirit Week 2021 by revisiting Spirit Week 2020.  Spirit Week is energizing, spirited and fun with an abundance of opportunities to get involved—volunteer, make friendships, deepen professional ties, and much more.  

Photos from Past events