Incoming Fall 2020 Students Frequently Asked Questions

Our lives have been impacted in unprecedented ways across the globe due to COVID-19. As we adjust to the changes around us, NYU SPS admissions counselors, academic advisors, faculty and administrators are here to guide and support you. As you make the important decision to to pursue your graduate studies while adjusting to this new world, we will be there for you every step of the way.  Like you, we are not deterred when faced with challenges. Instead, we seek out alternative resources and paths to accomplish our goals. At NYU SPS, we have created virtual experiences and opportunities for you to participate in live, online events. While, for now, our meetings can’t be in person, we want to ensure that you get a real sense of our community, virtually face to face, and that you hear from, and see, those you will be joining in this very exciting journey. 

This FAQ page has been created to help address some of the pressing questions you will have as a newly admitted student. This is a work in progress.  We recommend you refer to this page often as your questions emerge and more answers become available. Please also refer to the University Covid-19 page for more information. If these resources don’t provide the information you need, please contact the Office of Student Affairs by phone at +1-212-998-7002 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for Fall

Will the fall semester start on time? If not, what are NYU’s contingency plans?

Will there be protocols in place for classes and other univeristy events?

Will I be able to begin my studies this Fall?

For International Students

How will the COVID-19 outbreak impact my application for an I-20/DS-2019?

Should I defer my admission if I am unable to obtain my visa on time?

Credentials and Proof of Graduation

I’m completing my undergraduate degree this spring, but I may not have proof of graduation.

My school is closed. Will I be able to register if I can't provide my official transcripts?

How can I send my official transcripts to the Admissions Office?

Admitted Student Events

Are there any events happening for admitted students?

Can I still tour the campus?