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NYU SPS Emerging Technologies Collaborative Advisory Board

The mission of the NYU SPS Emerging Technologies Collaborative advisory board is to help prioritize the initiative’s direction and resources while developing strategic alliances and relationships to benefit industry partners and the entire NYU community.

The advisory board, chaired by NYU SPS Dean Angie Kamath, will include the following industry thinkers and innovators:

  • Dele Atanda, founder and chief executive officer, metaMe and Metaiye Media
  • Justin Breton, director of brand experiences and strategic partnerships, Walmart
  • Marc Beckman, chief executive officer, DMA United, senior fellow NYU Metaverse, and best-selling author of The Comprehensive Guide: NFTs, Digital Artwork, Blockchain Technology
  • Rustom Dastoor, executive vice president, head of marketing & communications, North America, Mastercard
  • Dale Imerman, global director of metaverse partnerships, WPP
  • Charlie Isaacs, chief technology officer, customer connection, Salesforce.com
  • Sherry Levin Wallach, president, NYS Bar Association
  • Maitree Mervana Perekh, principal, Acrew Capital
  • Joanne Sheppard, senior vice president, strategy and investment, Holtzbrinck
  • Mandeep Singh, senior advisor, Bloomberg Intelligence
  • Clay Shirky, vice provost, educational technology, NYU