November 21, 2023

Some Future Day: Using Technology to Hear the Silenced Voices in Gaza

Joseph Braude is the Founder and President of the Center for Peace Communications. He is an expert on the nexus of culture and politics in Arab societies and an active presence in the region’s media and policy debates. He studied Near Eastern languages at Yale and Arabic and Islamic history at Princeton. He developed his Arabic to broadcast quality over a seven-year stint on Moroccan national radio and added Persian to his Arabic and Hebrew as a graduate student at the University of Tehran.

In this episode, we dig into the extraordinary investigative audio series he created to share the voices of those in Gaza, "Whispered in Gaza," and most recently "Voices from Gaza".

Key Topics:

  • How simple technology is being used to share the stories of Gazans via Whispered in Gaza and Voices from Gaza
  • What the people of Gaza think and feel about Hamas
  • Why Gazans don't want a ceasefire or a truce
  • The distinction between Palestinians and Hamas

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