October 10, 2023

Some Future Day: The Threats & Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Robotics Page

Robert Scoble has been a pillar in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. He is a tech strategist and author and is known for his work with Microsoft and his blog Scobleizer. In this episode, we address the dangers and opportunities of AI and robotics, the future impact of spatial computing, the US vs China AI war, and why the American government is inept in regulating these emerging technologies.

Key Topics:

  • The dangers and opportunities of AI
  • Why AI and robots will take our jobs and what we need to do about it
  • The Humanoid Robot Revolution (it's coming faster than you think)
  • How AI and VR will change western education
  • The US vs. China AI War
  • Why the US Government is inept in regards to regulating AI and new technology

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