January 16, 2024

Some Future Day: The Future of Cryptocurrency

Nicholas is a serial start-up master, super successful entrepreneur and a former banker who has raised over US$92B in the public and private equity capital markets. With a career that includes working at Robert Fleming where he was a director of equity capital markets and head of technology private placements, as well as being a vice president at JPMorgan, Nicholas is a guy who has been at the very top of his field for over 25 years. His work has seen him co-start Crescent, a bayesian machine learning technology company as well as AdAstra, a systematic CTA Hedge fund which was sold to Aspect Capital. As well as advising on a wide array of businesses, Nicholas is the founder of Arkeytyp Holdings, Valu.Earth and Advisor to Verus.io. He manages a portfolio of Intellectual Property, Digital Assets in Blockchain software and secure hardware.

In this episode, we discuss how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and how it can be a massive set forward for humanity.

Key Topics:

  • How brands can use cryptocurrency to transfer value and strengthen consumer relationships
  • How blockchain can cut out the middlemen and give us full ownership of our information and identity
  • The Importance of information in the digital world
  • Why we need to move toward decentralization and how blockchain technology can help
  • How Verus aims to be a scalable public infrastructure for the world

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