November 7, 2023

Some Future Day: New York City Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence & Broadband

Matthew Fraser is  New York City's Chief Technology Officer of the Office of Technology & Innovation (OTI). The Chief Technology Officer plays a central role in City government, coordinating technology-related projects and policy Citywide. The Chief Technology Officer leads the Office and Technology and Innovation which is a consolidation of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and the former NYC Cyber Command Center, the Mayor’s Office of Information Privacy, the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, and the Algorithms Management and Policy Officer. Consolidating the City’s entire IT agency portfolio, CTO Fraser is uniquely qualified to put forward a central strategy that will bring agility, efficiency, and modernization to the City’s IT infrastructure. He is committed to democratizing technology. He oversees projects to expand broadband and make City services easier to use for all. CTO Fraser also runs the Joint Security Operations Center (JSOC). JSOC is a new cybersecurity hub that allows city, state, and federal entities to coordinate efforts against cyber threats.

Key Topics:

  • NYC's Cybersecurity Efforts
  • How NYC is Handling the Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • NYC's Ban on TikTok
  • NYC's Use of Facial Recognition
  • NYC's MyCity Platform
  • NYC's Initiative to Provide Access to Broadband with Big Apple Connect

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