October 17, 2023

Some Future Day: How Walmart is Transforming Retail

What does the future of retail look like?

Justin Breton is the Director of Brand Experiences & Strategic Partnerships at Walmart. He is the visionary behind Walmart's innovative use of the Metaverse (Walmart Land), virtual experiences, live stream shopping, and more.

In this episode, Justin shares how Walmart is attracting the next generation of consumers and how these emerging technologies are shaping Walmart's vision for the future.

Key Topics:

  • How Walmart is using the Metaverse to engage with customers on platforms like Roblox
  • The impact of virtual experiences like live concerts and events
  • The risks of being a first mover with new technologies and platforms
  • What Walmart will look like in 15 years - the future of retail.
  • Why you need to start using and implementing these technologies and strategies now, or risk getting left behind.
  • How Walmart's new live shopping platform is allowing them to engage with consumers in a new way.

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