March 12, 2024

Some Future Day: How Music Catalogs from Prince, Springsteen, and Dylan are Sold & Monetized | with Natalia Nastaskin & Marc Beckman

Natalia Nastaskin is a proven music industry executive, dealmaker and counsel with a stellar track record of guiding careers, developing businesses and acquiring and integrating companies over a 20+ year tenure in the music business.

Natalia Nastaskin is a seasoned executive in the entertainment industry, currently serving as Chief Content Officer at Primary Wave, a leading independent music publisher and talent management company. With a background spanning over two decades, Natalia brings a wealth of experience in artist management, A&R, and content strategy to her role. Known for her innovative approach to talent development and keen eye for emerging trends, Natalia is dedicated to shaping the future of the music industry while championing the creative vision of artists under Primary Wave's roster. Natalia is responsible for the development of unique content strategies for PrimaryWave's legendary artists, including Prince, Bob Marley, Stevie Nicks, Aerosmith, James Brown, Def Leppard, and Ray Charles.

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