December 12, 2023

Some Future Day: Climate Change, Energy Evolution & Renewable Technology

With over 20 years of experience in higher education as a professor and currently associate dean and clinical professor at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, Dr. Carolyn Kissane is a leading educator and researcher in energy, environment, and geopolitics. She teaches graduate-level courses on comparative energy politics, regional specialization in Central Asia, and resource security, among others. She founded the Energy, Climate Justice, and Sustainability Lab, a multidisciplinary platform for research and innovation on global energy and environmental challenges.

In this interview, Dr. Kissane provides insightful perspectives on various climate change issues from our energy evolution to corporate greenwashing to COP28.

Key Topics:

  • The current state of climate change
  • The evolution of renewable energy and hydrocarbons
  • Corporate greenwashing
  • The UN's effort to support the world's most vulnerable
  • What to expect from COP28

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