June 5, 2024

NYU School of Professional Studies Hosts the Inaugural Future Workforce Global Summit in Berlin, June 20–21

First-Time Summit Brings Together People-Focused Global Professionals and Educators Shaping and Transforming the Workplace of the Future

New York & Berlin, June 5, 2024—At the inaugural NYU Future Workforce Global Summit in Berlin, Germany, June 20–21, hosted by the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) and NYU Berlin, with representation and collaboration with NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Tel Aviv, people-focused global professionals and educators come together to help shape and transform the workplace of the future.

The immersive two-day Future Workforce Global Summit is made possible by the receipt of two NYU grants, including the Global Opportunity Grant, an NYU initiative to strengthen ties and support global NYU educational sites and their missions, and the Provost’s Global Research Initiatives, supporting international NYU research-related collaborations.

Day One of the Summit will feature a diverse international network of scholars, educators, industry leaders, and government representatives who will explore the complex future workforce development ecosystem. Notable panelists include keynote speaker Christian Schmeichel,  senior vice president and Chief Future of Work Officer at SAP, along with  NYU thought leaders such as Noel Anderson from NYU Steinhardt and Lisette Nieves, distinguished clinical professor and president of the Fund for the City of New York.

Day Two of the Summit, co-sponsored by the German Chapter of the International Coaching Federation, will focus on the development of technology and coaching as key contributors shaping the future workforce.

“This inaugural global summit represents a unique opportunity for people-focused professionals and educators. By combining academic rigor with practical business insights and continuous learning, we aim to help shape and transform the future workplace,” said Anna Tavis, Summit organizer and clinical professor and department chair of the NYU SPS Human Capital Management Department.

“The impact of technological advances in the workplace, the renewed focus on skills-based training, diversity and inclusion in the workforce, the move away from traditional career paths, and urbanization’s role in talent development are just some of the topics that will be explored and debated at this first-time event,” Tavis added.

Session highlights at the Summit include:

  • Opening Keynote: The Global Workforce Transformation in Europe
    • Christian Schmeichel, Senior Vice President & Chief Future of Work Officer, SAP
  • Generative AI in Future Workforce: Innovation, Ethics, and Governance
    • Furat Ashraf, International Employment Partner, Bird & Bird
    • Stephan Koeran, Senior HR Strategic Advisor, SAP Success Factors
    • Hendrik Schmahl, Partner, EY Consulting GmbH – People Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship and The Future Workforce
    • Martin Ihrig, Associate Dean and Clinical Professor, NYU School of Professional Studies Division of Programs in Business (Moderator)
    • Annika Von Mutius, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Empion
    • Dodo Zu Knyphausen—Aufseß, Professor of Strategic Leadership and Global Management, Technische Universität Berlin
    • Veit Blumschein, CEO and Co-Founder, Lanes and Planes GmbH
    • Tobias Schirmer, Founder and Partner, JOIN Capital
    • Michael Ross, Entrepreneur and Lecturer on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, NYU Tel Aviv
  • How The Global Skills Agenda Is Transforming the Future Workforce
    • Nancy Gleason, Professor of Practice, Political Science, NYU Abu Dhabi (Moderator)
    • Noel Anderson, Clinical Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Executive Director, Leadership and Innovation, NYU Steinhardt
    • Ilana Goldberg, Internship Coordinator and Instructor, NYU Tel Aviv
    • Eran Rotshenker, Manager, Student Life, NYU Tel Aviv
  • Capitalizing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Next Generation Global Workforce
    • Fatiah Touray, Executive Director, Office of Inclusion and Equity, NYU Abu Dhabi
    • Linn Friedrichs, Trainer and Education Consultant, key2advance
    • Benjamin Hary, Professor and Director, NYU Tel Aviv
  • The Crucial Role of Education in Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce
    • Anna Tavis, Chair and Clinical Professor, NYU School of Professional Studies Division of Programs in Business Human Capital Management Department (Moderator)
    • Lolowa AIMarzooqi, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Undergraduate Education, NYU Abu Dhabi
    • Douglas Harrison, Associate Dean and Clinical Professor, NYU School of Professional Studies Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies
    • Dana Downey, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Career Development, NYU Abu Dhabi
  • The Role of Cities in Building the Future Workforce
    • Lisette Nieves, Distinguished Clinical Professor, NYU Steinhardt and President, Fund for the City of New York (Moderator)
    • Abby Jo Sigal, Executive Director, NYC Mayor’s Office Talent and Workforce Development
    • Xiangcen Guo, Head, Emirati Talent and Workforce Development, Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development
    • Dominik Fehringer, CEO, nectanet GmBH
  • Quality Workforce Needs Quality Coaching
    • Robert Garcia, Vice President and Chief Staff Officer, International Coaching Federation
    • Stefan Kreil, Technology and Innovation Transformation Officer, SAP
    • Jens Maxeiner, Transformation Consultant and Director, Bosch
  • Keynote: Quality in Coaching
    • Magdalena Mook, CEO, International Coaching Federation
  • How The Future of the Workforce Can Benefit From Technology in Coaching
    • Cristina Mȕhl, President-Elect, International Coaching Federation Germany
    • Rebecca Rutschmann, Coach AI Tech Founder and Speaker
    • Ute Franzen-Waschke, Coach and Author
    • Eric Dauenhauer, Executive Advisor, AI, MEONDI GmbH
  • Coaching Platform as Development Enabler for The Future Workforce
    • Julia Atkinson, President, International Coaching Federation Germany
    • Armin Hopp, Co-founder, Speexx
    • Fabian Lessenich, Manager, BetterCoach
    • Hendrik Schriefer, CEO, Sharpist

View the entire 2024 Future of Workforce Global Summit agenda.

For more information, email hcm.conference@nyu.edu. If you are a member of the media who would like to report on the sessions, please contact Michael DeMeo at michael.demeo@nyu.edu.

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