July 19, 2023

NYU School of Professional Studies and INTELLIBUS To Offer AI Masterclass for Board Members & C-Level Executives in Fall 2023

New AI Masterclass program equips board members and C-level executives with the knowledge, frameworks, and tools to navigate AI’s uncharted territory.

NEW YORK, July 19, 2023—As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform society and fundamentally challenge traditional notions of how business is conducted, the NYU School of Professional Studies and INTELLIBUS have created a new continuing education program - NYU SPS / Intellibus AI Masterclass. The initial cohort will start the program in the Fall of 2023.

Through easy-to-use real-world applicable frameworks and succinct explanations of core concepts that avoid unintelligible jargon, the NYU SPS Masterclass will explore real world case studies from AI failures and successes. Together, the course leaders will apply core concepts to participants’ specific situations and strategic contexts.

According to Bergur Thormundsson at Statista[1], “The market for AI is expected to show strong growth in the coming decade. Its value of nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, up to nearly two trillion U.S. dollars.”

The NYU SPS/Intellibus AI Masterclass consists of three weeks of online instruction with action learning and unique AI assessments for participants’ companies and a three-day classroom workshop hosted at NYU, which will involve casework, Q&As, facilitated discussions, and VIP guest lecturers. Day one of the in-person workshop will include a panel-discussion with Chief Data Officers and Digital Transformation Officers who will share their wealth of experience. Day two closes with a panel of leading AI strategists discussing aligning AI with corporate strategy and predictions about how AI will evolve in the near future. Panelists and participants are also invited to post-session networking dinners to continue the conversation and gain additional knowledge throughout the evening.

The overall program will provide attendees with a clear understanding of the enormous potential of AI and how to seize the exponential opportunities. At its completion, participants will gain invaluable insight into integrating AI into any company and field.

“NYU SPS developed this program in collaboration with INTELLIBUS and industry experts Ed Watal, Ben Taylor, and Dr. Ulrich Winkler, all experts in AI,” said Dr. Martin Ihrig, associate dean of NYU SPS. “This program will provide the skill sets and background knowledge required for winning in an AI-driven future. NYU SPS is proud to offer cutting-edge coursework engineered to keep businesses competitive and executives on point as we enter an entirely new era of technological innovation. With the creation of this program, we follow the proud tradition of innovative, impactful teaching NYU SPS has been known for since its beginning.”

A noted expert, consultant, and entrepreneur who has lectured at universities worldwide, including NYU and Stanford, Ed Watal, chief executive officer of INTELLIBUS, is the author of numerous articles and books on cutting-edge technologies. Watal has also worked with some of the world’s largest banks, including RBS, Deutsche Bank, and Citigroup.  He regularly serves as a board advisor on IT strategy and architecture to large international financial institutions, and prior to founding IT strategy consulting firm INTELLIBUS, Watal created and sold several tech and AI startups.

“Chat GPT and other groundbreaking generative AI projects brought AI into the public conversation, but this is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Watal. “The full spectrum of AI technologies on the cusp of global deployment will cause a dramatic shift in how our society innovates and conducts every aspect of business going forward. Its application to everyday tasks in business and society brings about exponential opportunities while also posing existential risks. Our goal is to prepare business leaders for a new world where rapid, radically paced AI-based disruption is the norm.”

Ben Taylor is a leading AI strategist with nearly 20 years of machine learning and commercial experience.  A qualified chemical engineer, Taylor started his career at Intel/Micron before becoming chief data scientist at Sequoia-backed startup HireVue where he created several AI patents.  He co-founded Zeff.ai in 2017 to pursue deep learning for unstructured data. Taylor now serves as Datalku’s AI strategist.

Dr. Ulrich Winkler, Ph.D. in economics, is a seasoned higher-education leader and strategy consultant. He serves as Program Lead for the NYU SPS/Intellibus AI Masterclass. Dr. Winkler used to be Professor and Director of Executive Education at the University of Liverpool; Executive Vice President of EBS University; Vice Dean Education of European Business School; and Managing Director of Goethe Business School. Over the course of his career, he has designed and delivered more than 50 executive education and degree programs and has taught about strategy, AI and megatrends in the UK, Poland, Germany, China, and the Netherlands.

Explore aimasterclass.com or email ulrich.winkler@aimasterclass.com to learn more about the NYU SPS/Intellibus AI Masterclass for Board Members and C-Level Executives.

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