January 20, 2023

New NYU SPS/PRWeek Report Reveals Today’s PR Professionals Have More “Progressive” Attitudes Than The General US Population

Survey Also Shows Current Practitioners, Despite an Industry Image Problem, Feel They Deliver Significant & Unique Strategic Value in the C-Suite, Among Other Findings

New York, NY, January 20, 2023 – In the 2022 NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) /PRWeek Attitudinal Survey of PR Professionals revealed that today’s public relations (PR) practitioners rate themselves consistently more “progressive” on political, economic, social, and safety issues than the general US population.

The joint survey, which was designed to learn more about the value and motivations of PR professionals, together with their perspectives on the profession and its practitioners, provided a key number of insights and findings about the profession, including:

  • Are PR professionals too progressive for their target audiences? – PR professionals are significantly more likely to self-identify as politically “progressive” (68%) than the US population (26%), a characteristic which also remains true across economic, public safety, and societal issues.
  • Does PR have a PR problem? – PR practitioners believe people have a largely negative view of the profession in terms of its value, its ethics, and respect for PR professionals.
  • The PR profession demands both creativity and business acumen – PR practitioners feel that “creativity” and “storytelling ability” are the profession’s most valuable skills. However, these are closely followed by “the ability to work with others” and “client management skills.”
  • Are PR professionals valued in the C-Suite – Surveyed PR professionals believe they bring significant and unique strategic value, especially at the executive level.

“With the current complexities of the PR profession, this study shines a light on some of the key attitudes and perceptions that exist among PR professionals today,” said Martin Ihrig, associate dean and clinical professor at the NYU SPS Division of Programs in Business. “These findings are incredibly relevant for all those interested or work in the field of PR, whether they are students in our program or industry leaders.”

"We are living and working in a purpose-driven world where the needs of business and society can’t be merely aligned; they need to be integrated into all our communications,” said Ken Kerrigan, senior vice president at the integrated communications agency, The Bliss Group, and NYU SPS faculty member. "Getting that right requires an organization, led by the public relations function, to actively listen to and engage with stakeholders across multiple communications channels. It is also encouraging to see from this study the importance the next generation of PR professionals places on ethics and purpose, while continuing to help drive an organization’s strategy and elevating the perception of our professional,” added Kerrigan.

Jim Joseph, chief executive officer, US, and global marketing and integration officer at Ketchum and NYU SPS faculty member, said, "We have an obligation to understand the needs and desires of the next generation of PR professionals, whose life experiences have been vastly different than those who came before them. This important study is an excellent start to learning more."

For the 2022 Attitudinal Survey, the data was gathered using two quantitative online surveys. One was a custom questionnaire distributed among PR professionals and PR graduate students aged 20+ to capture their impressions of the industry, including social value dimensions, motivators, ethics, tactics, the role and performance of PR, and needed skills. The second survey was distributed to a representative sample of 2,500 US residents aged 18+ not involved in the PR profession.

For the complete 2022 NYU SPS/PR Week Attitudinal Survey of PR Professionals, visit the NYU SPS Integrated Marketing and Communications web page.

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