February 16, 2023

Knox Corp. and Apex Coup Are the Newest Sponsors of the NYU SPS Tisch Center of Hospitality Innovation (HI) Hub Incubator

New York, NY, February 16, 2023 –The Knox Corps, a global cyber security and compliance firm specializing in delivering regulatory compliance to businesses, and Apex Investment Coup, a leading private equity firm, are the newest sponsors of the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality Innovation Hub (HI Hub) Incubator Program.

The incubator program is part of the Tisch Center’s Innovation Hub, which supports the needs of businesses seeking to build the next generation of travel technology products. The incubator program was launched to help start-ups develop their businesses by providing a full range of services.

“The NYU SPS HI Hub initiative allows entrepreneurs and start-ups to partner with successful business owners to increase their probability of success,” said Scott Patterson, the chief executive officer of Knox, which provides risk management, IT security, and advisory services to the business community, and Apex. “We are delighted to collaborate with the Tisch Center in creating innovative solutions that advance their mission.” 

Richie Karaburun, clinical associate professor and director of the HI Hub at the Tisch Center, noted that Patterson already has an established relationship with the Tisch Center as a part of the Hub’s mentors and investors club. “It is special that our industry partners like Scott and his companies not only support us with their most valuable assets—their time—but also support all of our initiatives with our sponsorship model,” Karaburun said, “This sponsorship will help to increase the Tisch Center’s newly established KISS (Keep It Simple Security) Fund, while Knox and Apex will be able to share their extensive knowledge on cyber security with our incubator students during the special events that we will put together.” 

“Thanks to our collaborations with industry leaders like Scott, we can provide the latest learning and entrepreneurial opportunities for future industry leaders,” said NYU Jonathan M. Tisch Professor and Associate Dean Nicolas Graf. “Knox’s cybersecurity business expertise adds another layer of business knowledge essential for our students. Partnerships like this will help our students’ dreams come true when it comes to their entrepreneurship efforts while studying at our School.”

About NYU SPS Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality Innovation Hub
The NYU SPS Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality, celebrating more than 25 years of academic excellence, is a leading center for the study of hospitality, travel, and tourism. Founded in 1995, the Tisch Center was established in response to the growing need for hospitality and tourism undergraduate and graduate education. Its cutting-edge curricula attract bright, motivated students who see to become leaders in their fields.

Through its undergraduate degree in hotel and tourism management, its graduate degrees in hospitality industry studies, tourism management, and event management, a plethora of Professional Pathways continuing education programs, and its world-renowned hospitality investment conference, students gain the knowledge and the skill sets that enable them to manage change, to communicate, to thrive in complex work environments, and to advance the business of hospitality, travel, and tourism.

The Tisch Center launched the Hospitality Innovation Hub (HI Hub), which will foster entrepreneurship and creative solutions for the industries it services. The state-of-the-art facilities offer students, start-ups, and established industry partners and opportunities to learn, discover, innovate, and invest. For more information about the NYU SPS Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality, visit sps.nyu.edu/tisch.

About Knox
The Knox Corps is a global cyber security and compliance firm specializing in delivering regulatory compliance to firms in all regulated industries. 

About Apex
Apex Investment Coup is the owner of the following firms:

Apex Health - A global healthcare firm specializing in telehealth; value-based care; proactive patient engagement; primary PCP; remote patient monitoring; critical care management; and ENR - Encounter Notification System. 

Apex Sustainability - A sustainable global firm that specializes in installing electric vehicle chargers throughout North America. All chargers are compatible with all vehicle specs. 

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