A Message from Dean Kamath

June 5, 2024

Angie Kamath


Dear NYU SPS Community,

Congratulations again to the 380 undergraduate and 1,680 graduate students who earned degrees this academic year! It was such a joy to be part of the NYU and NYU SPS ceremonies. I’d like to extend a very special thank you to the over 80 volunteers and over 90 platform party participants for being part of this year's festivities!

Our programs at SPS are designed to prepare graduates to be adaptable as the world and our industries change around us. I’m continuously impressed by the dedication and resilience of our school community, and I wanted to share some takeaways from our Distinguished Alumni Awardees who expressed this sentiment at this year’s convocation ceremonies.

Morgan Brennan (DAUS, '09), co-anchor CNBC’s Closing Bell, addressed the NYU SPS Undergraduate Class of 2024 with an important reminder on how to not let imposter syndrome (which we all feel sometimes!) get in the way of your goals:

"Imposter syndrome is pervasive. When you realize career paths aren’t always linear, it becomes easier to understand what prompts it. What I have learned…is you need to keep moving. Move through the fear, move through the doubt and the uncertainty. Focus on the next right thing."

Lifestyle brand trailblazer, Robin Wilson (Schack, '03), spoke at the 2024 NYU SPS Graduate Convocation where she reminded us all just how amazing it is to finish your degree in the midst of everything else you’re balancing—families, jobs, obligations, etc. For current students, I hope her words keep you motivated as you continue towards your own finish line! As Robin emphasized:

"Today I want to recognize that each of you have finished what you started. It was tough. You were tired. At times, it may have felt impossible. But you took the opportunity and I hope you have recognized the lesson…I remember coming to NYU and working full time at a corporate job and attending classes at night. It was grueling. Leaving the office at 5:30 to walk to class. There were some nights that I left campus at 9:00 and then went back to the office to finish an assignment – leaving at midnight. The lesson: sacrifice now so that the “future me” – the one standing before you today – would have a good life.”

I’m incredibly proud of our entire SPS community as you continue to grow your careers, elevate your industries, and represent our school in all that you do.

Looking ahead, the summer is the perfect time to be curious and explore new paths. From exciting internships and research opportunities to GFIs and traveling, these experiences allow us to lean into being adaptable and learning new skills, which are pillars for a sustainable career.  And, of course, take time when you can to get some rest and relaxation!



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Angie Kamath
Harvey J. Stedman Dean of the NYU School of Professional Studies