Expedited Application to NYU SPS for NYU Seniors

The NYU SPS Expedited Application Program (EAP) for NYU Seniors allows undergraduate students with a planned graduation date of May or August 2023 to benefit from an expedited review of their application to most NYU SPS graduate degree programs. The only exceptions are a small number of graduate degree programs with specific post-baccalaureate years-of-work requirements. The key features of the EAP include:

  • All application fees are waived (normal application fee $150).
  • Instead of two letters of recommendation, applicants may submit a single letter from the dean of their division or from a clinical faculty member, endorsed by the dean of their division;
  • Upon submission of a complete application, applicants enrolled in NYU SPS programs will receive an admissions decision in 7-to-10 business days or less;
  • Notwithstanding published deadlines, applicants may apply to begin their graduate studies in the summer semester if the program to which they are applying offers summer entry. However, admitted students must complete their undergraduate degree prior to the commencement of graduate studies;
  • EAP applicants will remain eligible for the same financial aid and scholarship opportunities as regular applicants;
  • International students with a valid F-1 visa may be able to obtain a new I-20 from the Office of Global Services (OGS), allowing them to begin their graduate studies. As cases vary, international students should contact OGS directly for specific guidance at 212-998-4720.

Please note that EAP is an expedited review for admission but does not change admission requirements or degree requirements. Students admitted to the graduate program within their current division, for example, a Tisch Sports undergraduate student admitted to Tisch Sports for a graduate degree, may be able to waive up to two core courses, increasing their number of electives. This determination will be made in consultation with the program’s graduate academic advisor and will only occur in a very rare instance where an undergraduate and graduate course are substantially similar in content.

For Admissions Questions Regarding the Expedited Application Program

For questions about the Expedited Application Program, please contact the NYU SPS Graduate Admissions Office at 212-998-7100 or sps.admissions@nyu.edu. Information about graduate programs is available through the Admissions Office and by contacting divisions directly.

Contact Information by Degree Program

Center for Applied Liberal Arts

MS in Professional Writing
Contact: Dr. Kristine Rodriguez Kerr, Academic Director (kristine.kerr@nyu.edu)

MS in Translation and Interpreting
Contact: Annelise Finegan Wasmoen, Academic Director (amf630@nyu.edu)

Center for Global Affairs

MS in Global Affairs
Contact: Dr. Carolyn Kissane, Academic Director (carolyn.kissane@nyu.edu)

MS in Global Security, Conflict, and Cybercrime
Contact: Dr. Pano Yannakogeorgos, Clinical Associate Professor (py16@nyu.edu)

Center for Publishing

MS in Publishing: Digital and Print Media
Contact: Andrea Chambers, Executive Director (andrea.chambers@nyu.edu)

Division of Programs in Business

MS in Integrated Marketing
Contact: Bahriye Goren, Academic Director (bahriye.goren@nyu.edu)

MS in Public Relations and Corporate Communication
Contact: Bahriye Goren, Academic Director (bahriye.goren@nyu.edu)

MS in Human Resource Management and Development
Contact: Dr. Anna Tavis, Academic Director (anna.tavis@nyu.edu)

MS in Human Capital Analytics and Technology
Contact: Dr. Anna Tavis, Academic Director (anna.tavis@nyu.edu)

MS in Project Management
Contact: Dr. Negar Farakish, Executive Director of Academic Affairs (negar.farakish@nyu.edu)

MS in Management and Systems
Contact: Dr.Negar Farakish, Executive Director of Academic Affairs (negar.farakish@nyu.edu)

Schack Institute of Real Estate

MS in Real Estate
Contact: Scott Robinson, Department Chair (scott.robinson@nyu.edu)

MS in Real Estate Development
Contact: Barry Hersh, Department Chair (barry.hersh@nyu.edu)

MS in Construction Management
Contact: Richard Lambeck, Department Chair (rl79@nyu.edu)

Tisch Center for Hospitality

MS in Hospitality Industry Studies
MS in Tourism Management
MS in Event Management

Contact: Bruno Eeckels, Academic Director (be25@nyu.edu)

Tisch Institute for Global Sports

MS in Sports Business
Contact: Dr. Daniel Kelly, Academic Director (dgk2@nyu.edu)