August 30, 2019

Owner of Iconic Montauk Hotel Praises NYU Real World

"There can be no greater education than the experiential learning of working with others, in competition against other groups, on a real-time challenge to which there is no answer key,” said Brian Kenny, owner of Memory Motel. "The idea that only hospitality management grads can solve hospitality problems is simply not true. The industry wants all kinds of brains joining to create new solutions.” ... “With rapid advances in biotech and AI, not just jobs but entire industries may become obsolete. Graduates will be navigating entirely new sets of facts and issues again and again for the rest of their lives. The skills they need are not narrowly learning how specific industries or professions operate, but instead, they should learn how to learn; that will set them up for a life of success. The way to learn that skill is to practice solving real problems with other human beings.”


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