Real World - Glen Falls House

Professor: Shawn Amsler
Schedule: Tuesdays, 2:00pm - 4:30pm
Credits: 3-credit course

The Challenge

Given the property’s unique attributes, its future possibilities are boundless. Students in this course will be tasked with envisioning a game plan through which the owners of Glen Falls House can enhance performance and unlock additional value without losing the characteristics that make the property special.

About the Organization

Glen Falls House, located in Round Top, New York was established in 1881 and in the years since has endured as a legacy destination. While the historic nature of the property adds inherent value, the property has been revitalized for the modern traveler. This 42-key hotel blends quirky design and classic charm, celebrating a storied past while welcoming a new generation of family and friends. Glen Falls House is situated on 47 acres of pristine wilderness, and surrounded by miles of hiking and biking trails, spectacular waterfalls, natural freshwater swimming, bonfires, and plenty of reasons to get outside. The main house, tavern, and cottages make the property a charming and desirable destination for weekend getaways, family vacations, weddings, concerts, creative and wellness retreats, and special events. Glen Falls House offers a unique combination of serene wilderness, creative inspiration, and community dynamics that foster camaraderie and timeless memories.

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