SPS Adjunct Faculty Service Award


The NYU School of Professional Studies annually recognizes the significant accomplishments of the SPS adjunct faculty with awards acknowledging teaching and service. Members of the SPS Community are invited to submit nominations. Each division will put forward one adjunct faculty finalist for review and selection by the SPS Dean. Information on the eligibility, award criteria, and selection process is below.

Eligibility for the Adjunct Faculty Service Award

• Adjunct faculty who have taught at SPS for at least three semesters in the past three academic years are eligible to be nominated.

• Faculty cannot receive more than one award in a single academic year.

• Faculty members can receive awards multiple times throughout their teaching at SPS, but the time elapsed between receiving the same award must be greater than five years.

Award Criteria

The Adjunct Faculty Service Award is presented to one (1) adjunct faculty member who effectively and steadfastly contributes to the goals and mission of the School and University. Evidence of such engagement and service may include:

Active engagement and/or leadership on departmental, school- and/or university-wide committees

Active engagement and/or leadership in program, division, school-wide or university-wide special initiatives

Participation in faculty development workshops, information sessions, alumni activities, faculty meetings, Wasserman Center activities, orientation and recruitment events, student club sponsored events, graduation, etc.

Evidence of sustained and active contribution to the proposal and development of curriculum

Other relevant service

Nomination and Selection Process

  1. The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) solicits nominations from SPS students, faculty, and staff. 

  2. The OFA conducts an eligibility review of all nominees and sends a comprehensive list of nominated faculty members to the academic units.

  3. Associate deans and/or academic directors review the list of nominees and prepare a letter of support for the faculty member they wish to endorse for an award. Associate deans and/or academic directors should review documents with evidence relevant to the final selection such as student evaluations, classroom observations, annual activity reports, and other evaluative measures that support each nominee prior to making the final selection. 

  4. Statements of support are returned to the OFA. The OFA conducts an initial review of the completed nomination packets before forwarding to the SPS Dean.

  5. The SPS Dean conducts a final review of submissions to confirm one (1) individual from among the nominees to receive the award. Award recipient is notified.

For questions regarding the overall process, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs by email: (sps.facultyaffairs@nyu.edu) or by phone: (212-992-9030).

Timeline for 2023-2024 Academic Year

January 24 - Call for nominations

February 15 - Nominations are due to the OFA

February 21 - OFA submits nominations to academic departments. Academic departments submit endorsed nominations to OFA

March 5 - OFA submits completed nomination packets for SPS Dean’s review

March 27 - Dean’s review completed. Award recipients are notified

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