The SPS Mentoring Network Program

A program to support faculty at SPS


The SPS Mentoring Network Program enables new full-time faculty to to build a support network that is specifically tailored to their performance excellence and career advancement goals. It is designed to evolve over time and support faculty to work at the peak of their capabilities and deliver the top-quality teaching, research, and industry engagement so vital to the SPS mission


In their second year at SPS, new full-time faculty have the opportunity to select one or two mentors from among full-time SPS faculty. (In their initial year, new faculty mentoring is provided by the Associate Dean of the administrative unit or a senior faculty member they designate).

Mentors may be selected from within or beyond the mentee’s home academic unit.  Mentors and mentees should meet approximately 4 times during the academic year. This mentoring relationship will last two years. After this first cycle, mentees may select an additional one or two new mentors for another two-year period.

Mentoring builds collegiality within SPS and enables new faculty to seek advice or share experiences with more senior faculty members who can provide perspectives on teaching approaches, research, publishing, work-life balance, and other professional concerns.

The SPS Mentoring Network Program is structured on a mentee-activated basis.  

See the ‘How it Works’ section for further details and FAQs. 


Phase I of this program (AY 2025) targets new full-time faculty.  Phase II will target adjunct faculty.

Selecting a Mentor

Once you have completed a year of service as a full-time faculty member at SPS, you can start developing a mentoring network. Start at the beginning of the Academic Year (September) by reviewing the mentor profiles below, which are organized by academic unit.  You can select mentors from within your unit or beyond, from other parts of SPS.

Select one or two mentors based on your interests. In addition to links to their professional profile, each mentor has listed their preferred mentoring topics.

Initiate contact by clicking on "Request as Mentor" and filling out the form, which asks for your name and contact details, and reasons why you have selected this specific mentor.  This should be done no later than October 15.  Matches are made on a first-come basis.

Once a match is confirmed, you should initiate the first meeting with your mentor, and ensure that you meet your mentors a minimum of four times a year.

How it Works

Mentoring Cycles and Timing

What to Expect



Upcoming Events

Feedback / Assessment

Evaluations will take place once a year:

  • In June by survey and focus groups
  • Information regarding survey and focus groups will be communicated in due time

FAQs: Mentees

Is it mandatory to select a mentor?

Must I select more than one mentor?

Can I keep the same mentor(s) after the first two year cycle?

Is the mentor network program only for new full-time faculty?

What are my responsibilities as a mentee?



FAQs: Mentors

What are the qualifications of a mentor?

How do I volunteer to be a mentor?

Is it mandatory to volunteer to be a mentor?

Is there compensation for providing mentoring services?

What do I need to do if I go ahead as a volunteer mentor?

What makes for effective mentoring?

Is mentoring a substitute for teacher training or administrative trouble-shooting?

Is there a standard/effective mentoring style?


Volunteer to Become a Mentor

The success of this program lies first with our full-time faculty mentors. Please volunteer today! Full-time faculty with six or more years of experience at SPS (or equivalent time as a faculty member elsewhere) are eligible and will receive an additional $250 in their professional development fund, should they be paired with a mentee. Please review the FAQs for mentors to learn about the benefits and ensure that you meet the criteria.

When filling out the form below, please mention the specific mentoring themes/areas of expertise that should be listed under your profile.

Why mentoring matters

A message from Karen and Anne Marie
Karen Krahulik and Anne Marie Goetz
Vice Dean of Faculty and the Director of the Mentoring Program

In the spirit of advancing and strengthening all SPS faculty, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the SPS Faculty Mentoring Program. For new SPS Faculty, we hope you will take this opportunity to develop a network of mentors specific to your career advancement needs. The system allows new faculty to identify their own mentors, choosing from a list of faculty with diverse academic and industry experiences. We encourage new faculty to seek advice on issues ranging from delivering excellence in teaching, research, and industry engagement, to meeting expectations around collegiality and service to the SPS and NYU community. 

For more senior and established faculty, we hope you will enjoy mentoring incoming, newer colleagues. This will be a wonderful way not only to share your valuable experience and expertise but also to help build a supportive environment across SPS. Our goal is to build community while enhancing both performance and job satisfaction.

Phase I of the SPS Mentoring Network Program begins in AY 2025 and focuses on providing mentors for new full-time faculty members. 

Phase II, to be launched at a later date, will address adjunct faculty mentoring.