Overload Request Forms


Overload Request forms are used to seek approval for a full-time faculty member to teach a course in addition to the expected teaching load.  They are also used to seek approval for full-time administrators within SPS and full-time employess across NYU who are planning to teach a course in SPS. 

Overload assignments for full-time faculty are to be used in emergency situations only.  According to the NYU Faculty Handbook, "no additional compensation by reason of teaching overload may be paid to a full-time faculty member during the period of a regular teaching assignment, except in emergency circumstances duly approved in advance by the Office of the Provost."

An Overload Request form is not required for full-time faculty on nine month appointments for teaching in the summer as this is not during the period of regular teaching assignment. 

Formal approval for an overload assignment must be received before the start of the course. Payment will not be issued until an Overload Request is approved through the proper channels.

Please contact the SPS Office of Faculty Affairs by email (sps.facultyaffairs@nyu.edu) or phone (212-992-9030) with any questions.


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Last Updated: December 15, 2023