Full-Time Faculty Professional Development Fund


The NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) is committed to the ongoing professional development of faculty. The Full-Time Faculty Professional Development Fund at NYU SPS is a process by which full-time faculty members receive financial support to improve their skills in the following areas:

  • Teaching 
  • Instructional Design and Curriculum Development 
  • Scholarly Activity including writing, presenting at conferences, etc.
  • Leadership, Administration, and Organizational Development 

As a professional school, it is important that our faculty stay updated on current trends and new developments in both higher education and their respective industries or fields of study. The positive impact of continued professional development extends beyond the individual faculty member to the classroom and student experience.

Eligibility and Available Funds

All new and continuing full-time faculty members in good standing at SPS are eligible to receive professional development funds.

The School has allotted $2500 per full-time faculty member per academic year (September 1 to August 31) to allow faculty to engage in more professional development activities. Funds disbursed for professional development activities will be deducted from the allotment for the academic year in which the activity occurs.

Faculty members are expected to track their expenses throughout the academic year to ensure proper planning. Professional development expenses incurred in excess of $2500 in any given academic year are considered the responsibility of the faculty member. Funds cannot be shared with or assigned to another colleague nor can they be carried over from one academic year to another.

The Full-Time Faculty Professional Development Fund is a school fund that is not associated with any specific department. Use of other departmental funds for professional development activities in excess of $2500 is at the discretion of the associate dean of the unit should funds be available.

Funds are generally disbursed as reimbursements. However, advances for anticipated expenses may also be issued.

Use of the Full-Time Faculty Professional Development Fund

Funds from the Full-Time Faculty Professional Development Fund can only be applied to direct expenses associated with the professional development of the faculty member requesting the funds.

The fund may support and be applied to a wide range of activities, such as, but not limited to:

  • Attendance at and registration fees for conferences, workshops, or other professional meetings relevant to your field or pedagogy
  • Funding the costs of travel for the purposes of scholarship or attendance at a conference, workshop, or professional meeting (ex: transportation via personal vehicle, shuttle, taxis, or airplane) 
  • Lodging and meals associated with attendance at a professional development event 
  • Purchasing materials relevant to your field or pedagogy that are not readily available (books, journals, videos, microforms, etc.) 
  • Paying membership dues to professional organizations relevant to your field or pedagogy 
  • Registration fees for continuing education courses required for obtaining and renewing licensure and credentials 
  • Subscriptions relevant to your field or pedagogy 

All activities and expenses to which funds are applied, as well as reimbursements and advances, must be in compliance with University policies. These policies include the NYU Travel and Expense policy as well as the NYU Expense Reimbursement policy. At their discretion, each School may impose additional policies. If you have any questions, please contact the SPS Office of Budget and Accounting.

The Faculty Professional Development Fund cannot be applied to hiring assistants, student employees, or consultants, travel expenses for others, or other indirect expenses. In addition, funds may not be used for purchasing computers, other technology, or capital equipment.


  1. Faculty complete the Full-Time Faculty Professional Development Fund Request Form and submit the request and supporting documentation to their associate dean for review. Faculty are encouraged to submit the request before expenses are incurred to ensure there are funds available from their allotment and the requested expenses are allowable. 

  2. The associate dean must verify that the request is relevant to the faculty member’s field or pedagogy and will contribute to the requestor’s professional development. If approved, the signed request form and supporting documentation are then submitted to the SPS Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) via email (sps.facultyaffairs@nyu.edu).

  3. The OFA will review to ensure the request is complete and contains all required information and signatures. It will also review to ensure the funds requested are to be applied towards allowable expenses. Once reviewed and signed by OFA, the form will be returned to the faculty member via email. Faculty members should retain a copy of the form for their records.

  4. For distribution of funds, faculty members must submit digital copies of original itemized receipts, train and airline boarding passes, and conference badges with a copy of the request form with all required signatures to the Office of Budget and Accounting (sps.budget@nyu.edu) within thirty (30) days from the date of the activity. Retain hard copies until the reimbursement process is complete. Only expenses that have already been approved will be reimbursed. If requesting an advance, the faculty member must contact the Office of Budget and Accounting after receipt of the countersigned form from OFA.

A faculty member may be asked to provide additional information or documentation at any point in the process.

For questions regarding processing reimbursements or advances, faculty members may contact the Office of Budget and Accounting (sps.budget@nyu.edu).

For questions regarding the overall process, faculty members may contact the Office of Faculty Affairs by email: (sps.facultyaffairs@nyu.edu) or by phone (212-992-9030).

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Last Updated: December 15, 2023