Use of Specialized Technical Equipment


The Dean’s Research Grant Program will fund requests for specialized technical equipment required to complete a research project provided there is a clear and detailed rationale for its use, and the project has received approval. Equipment not covered under the grant includes desktops, laptops (some exceptions apply), and all-in-one computers that can be obtained via the Technology Support Model at the NYU School of Professional Studies. Peripheral equipment requests will be reviewed on a project by project basis to determine eligibility under the fund.


All specialized technical equipment purchased with the grant will remain property of the NYU School of Professional Studies. The purchasing, handling, and storing of all equipment purchased with the fund are subject to applicable NYU policies including, but not limited to, University Purchasing, University Information Technology, and Asset Management policies.

Application Period

Before submitting a Dean’s Research Grant application, faculty members who plan to request specialized equipment for their project are encouraged to contact the Learning and Teaching Nexus via email ( for support in selecting the appropriate equipment for their project.


Faculty members may also begin to consult with the Associate Director of Technical Services and Computer Support ( to estimate costs of the specialized technical equipment and to identify approved suppliers through the NYU purchasing system (iBuy). 


Once the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) has received notice from the faculty member regarding University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects — the University Institutional Review Board (IRB) — approval (see application instructions for more information), it will coordinate the purchasing of any approved specialized equipment with the faculty member and the Associate Director of Technical Services and Computer Support. Any specialized technical equipment expenses not approved during the grant review process will not be purchased. Specialized technical equipment is purchased through iBuy and faculty members should not purchase the specified equipment out-of-pocket.


All purchased equipment will be tagged and inventoried per SPS and University policies. The faculty will be contacted by the Office of Technical Support Services once the equipment is available for use. 

Use of Equipment during the Grant Year

Awardees will have unlimited sole use of the equipment for the duration of the grant year (September 1 – August 31; and April 1 - August 31, 2023 for Spring/Summer 2023 projects). During this time, they are responsible for the proper handling and use of all equipment. All University and School tags must remain on the equipment at all times. If the equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged when in possession of the faculty member, they are required to contact the Associate Director of Technical Services and Computer Support immediately. A police report must be filed for any equipment that is stolen.

Upon completion of the grant year (August 31), the equipment must be returned to the School. Nexus will house all specialized technical equipment purchased under the Dean’s Research Grant. To return the equipment, please email Nexus for instructions.


Please note, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to ensure that project data is removed before returning the equipment back to the School. 

Use of Equipment after Grant Year

The specialized technical equipment will be available for use by the faculty member after the funding period ends. However, use of the equipment is subject to availability as the inventory will be available for use by other SPS faculty.  To request use of the technical equipment after the grant year, please contact Nexus. 
For questions regarding the use of specialized technical equipment, please contact the SPS Office of Faculty Affairs (

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Last Updated: December 15, 2023