Contract Clock Stoppage Guidance for Full-Time Continuing Contract Faculty

The purpose of this guidance is to provide clarity on when contract stoppage would be an appropriate avenue for full-time continuing contract faculty (FTCCF) at the NYU School of Professional Studies (SPS). This guidance does not apply to visiting or adjunct faculty or any faculty whose primary faculty appointment is outside of SPS.

Absence Overview

FTCCF may step away from their normal faculty responsibilities for a few reasons during their time teaching at SPS. These reasons for absence include, but are not limited to:

  • Leave of Absence (Paid or Unpaid)
  • Special Academic Leave

A Leave of Absence (Paid or Unpaid), as noted in the NYU Faculty Handbook, may be sought by a FTCCF due to:

FTCCF at SPS are eligible to apply for Special Academic Leave, however this leave does not qualify for contract stoppage as defined within this guidance. 

Contract Clock Stoppage

Contract clock stoppage is not an automatic result of an approved leave of absence or Workload Relief. Examples of grounds for stopping a contract include, “medical, personal, as primary caregiver for child, spouse, parent, same-sex domestic partner, or by contractual stipulation or negotiation.” Contract clock stoppage may be sought for equal or less time than the length of the absence at the discretion of the faculty member. Contract clock stoppage may not be sought for greater than the length of the absence. In the case of Workload Relief for two half-semesters, the faculty member may choose to seek either one semester of contract clock stoppage or a full year of contract clock stoppage. 

Faculty with an approved contract clock stoppage will not have that specific period of absence considered within reviews for reappointment or promotion. To the extent that contract clock stoppage impacts the current contract’s end date, FTCCF undergoing reappointment review will receive an adjusted review timeline to ensure that the notice of reappointment is received by the appropriate date specified in the NYU Faculty Handbook (i.e. one year in advance of the current contract end date for FTCCF on contracts of three years or more; 180 days prior to the current contract end date for FTCCF on contracts of one year or two years). This adjusted timeline for reappointment review will conform to the overall time allotments set out within the Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, and Grievance Policy

Periods of contract clock stoppage will not count towards time in status accrual for FTCCF. Time-in-service accrual applies to eligibility for promotional ranks, Special Academic Leave, and to committee and council service. These factors should be considered when discussing contract stoppage. 

Contract clock stoppage for FTCCF is distinct from Tenure Clock Stoppage and Sabbatical Clock Stoppage, which apply only to Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty. 

Notifications and Process for Requesting Contract Clock Stoppage

As part of any absence discussion or application, the FTCCF should first confirm if their specific absence type would qualify for seeking contract clock stoppage, and then consider if they wish to seek contract clock stoppage. It is the sole responsibility of the faculty member to clearly notify in writing to their academic unit leader, the SPS Office of Human Resources, and the SPS Office of Faculty Affairs either their desire to seek contract clock stoppage (and for how long) or their desire not to seek contract clock stoppage when submitting the applicable request and/or forms. If the result of this notice is the need for an adjusted contract end date, a revised contract will be issued to the faculty member following approval of their leave for their countersignature. 

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Last Updated: November 29, 2022