Assessment Committee


The SPS Assessment Committee will move from one that has focused primarily on student evaluations of faculty to one that analyzes the links between program review, desirable student learning outcomes, and teaching effectiveness. More specifically, the Assessment Committee is charged with:

  • Compiling and reviewing current practices of how divisional deans and program directors evaluate educational programs, student learning outcomes and faculty performance.
  • Identifying common, relevant variables across all SPS educational programs that should be measured to assess program effectiveness
  • Identifying evaluative tools for measuring faculty performance and student learning outcomes that can be used across the divisions and programs
  • Continuing the work of previous evaluation committees that investigated how to improve the current process of student evaluations and how to increase the response rate


Committee Members

Carla De Ycaza

Center for Global Affairs

Jukka Laitamaki

Clinical Professor

Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality

Beverly Tarulli

Clinical Assistant Professor

Human Capital Management