Annual Faculty Activity Report (FAR)


The purpose of this annual self-evaluation is to provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your accomplishments, initiatives, and challenges and to share this information with your associate dean. This required report will be discussed during the one-on-one meetings between you and your associate dean at the end of the academic year and will become part of your personnel file.  

Please note that the report should include activities starting immediately after the last report was submitted.  If you completed an activity report earlier this semester, you may also build on that one to incorporate any relevant updates since that submission.  

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the SPS Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs (


1.  Please complete all sections. If there is nothing to report, or if a specific area is not relevant to you, indicate accordingly.

2.  Use bullet points as much as possible.

3.  Submit in electronic form via Interfolio by February 14, the deadline indicated in the Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, and Grievance Policy.

You may reference the policy - Section III Rights and Responsibilities of SPS CCF - for information that you may wish to include in your FAR. 


Faculty Information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Department:  
  • Academic Year
  • Date of Initial Appointment

Section 1. Teaching Practice

a) The year in review (suggested length: 300-400 words): Provide an overall review of the courses taught this year and highlights of the classes (pedagogical innovations, new methods, guest speakers, site visits, etc.).

b) Courses in review: Describe in greater detail each course that you taught. Please use the list provided below for each course section.

  • Course Title
  • Semester
  • Overall Reflection on the Success of the Course (suggested length: 100-150 words).
  • Mid-Semester Student Evaluations (or other means of adjusting delivery and content mid-term): Reflect on the format used, number of students who participated, and how useful the results were to you and why (suggested length: 100-150 words)
  • Further Comments/Self Reflection (suggested length: 100-150 words).

Section 2. Advising and Counseling

List the types of advising and student support work you have provided. Please highlight any aspects of support outside of routine coursework advisement. Examples include support in academic/career advancement, recommendations for internship or scholarship opportunities, references for graduate school or employment, and formal or informal academic and professional mentorship.

Section 3. Service to Division, SPS, and/or University

List (including dates served/attended) of service to Division, School, and University committees or councils, student clubs and organizations, or events. For each, please briefly indicate the nature of your involvement and your role. For faculty whose responsibilities are primarily administrative, please list and briefly describe your accomplishments and contributions to the Division, School and University.

Section 4. Scholarly Work, Creative Production, and Professional Activity

List and briefly describe scholarly, creative and/or professional activities.

Section 5. Program, Curriculum, and Course Development

List and briefly describe any new curricula or programs that you have developed (include new syllabi or course descriptions which have been formally approved and/or adopted or submitted and pending approval). Also include established courses that you taught for the first time.

Section 6. Adjunct or Full-time Faculty Recruitment, Development, and Evaluation

List and briefly describe your involvement in aspects of recruitment, supervision, observation and mentoring of adjunct and/or full-time faculty.

Section 7. Awards, Service, and Other Outside Scholarly or Professional Activities

List and briefly describe evidence of recognition or success in scholarly or professional activities such as awards, service on professional committees/boards, professional memberships, conference presentations, panels and workshops, and paid or unpaid professional consulting assignments.

Section 8. Other

Please include any other relevant information that is not already covered in previous sections such grant applications submitted, grants awarded and current implementation of ongoing grants; participation in divisional or school wide events as developer of content, panelist, moderator or MC.

Section 9. Looking Ahead

Please list and briefly describe any initiatives or projects you would like to pursue over the next few years, including any resources or support required (suggested length: 200-300 words).

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Last Updated: November 5, 2020