Annual Faculty Activity Report (FAR)


The purpose of this annual self-evaluation is to provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your accomplishments, initiatives, and challenges and to share this information with your associate dean. This required report will be discussed during the one-on-one meetings between you and your associate dean at the end of the academic year and will become part of your personnel file.  

Please note that the report should include activities starting immediately after the last report was submitted.  If you completed an activity report earlier this semester, you may also build on that one to incorporate any relevant updates since that submission.  

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the SPS Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs (


These instructions are provided as reference only. Faculty should complete the Annual Faculty Activity Report within the Faculty 180 (F180) module within Interfolio. For AY 2022-2023, F180 replaces the Word template document used in previous years. Faculty may enter activities throughout the year within F180, but once the yearly input form is initiated, faculty should confirm all activities within the target calendar year. The review process is still conducted via the Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure module (RPT) as with previous years.
  1. Review all sections within Faculty 180 for the target calendar year. If there is nothing to report, or if a specific area is not relevant to you, indicate accordingly. If you have not entered in activities for the target year, enter those activities at this time. Use bullet points as much as possible.
  2. Submit the yearly input form via Faculty 180. This action will generate the ‘Vita’ for the target calendar year.
  3. Add the correct Vita to the Annual Faculty Activity Report (FAR) case within RPT and submit the case via Interfolio by February 14, the deadline indicated in the Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, and Grievance Policy.
You may reference the policy - Section III Rights and Responsibilities of SPS CCF - for information that you may wish to include in your FAR. You may also reference Dean Kamath’s Vision 2025 site.  

Form Sections:

Section 1. Courses Taught (sourced from NYU Albert)

Courses will pull automatically from NYU Albert. Please ensure all courses are accurate for the reporting period. 

Section 2. Year in Review, Assessments, and Academic Program & Curricula Development

It is suggested that faculty complete one entry for each course within the reporting period.  

  1. The year in review: Provide an overall review of your teaching this year. Include all credit and CE/non-credit courses as well as workshops, seminars and guest lectures at or beyond NYU. Note innovations or new strategies you have implemented to improve your own or your unit’s pedagogical practices. Highlight ways you have sought to create and/or foster inclusive classrooms.

  2. Teaching assessments: Reflect on the success of your teaching this year. Include comments on any and all student evaluations, peer reviews, and feedback you have received.

  3. Academic program and curricula development: List and describe any new curricula or academic programs you have developed.

Section 3: Advising and Mentoring

List the types of advising and student support you have provided and include the number of advisees assigned to you this past year. Highlight any aspects of support outside of routine coursework advisement. Examples include: support in academic/career advancement, recommendations for internship or scholarship opportunities, references for graduate school or employment, and formal or informal academic and professional mentorship.

Section 4. Service (Internal)

(A) Assess your performance in any uncompensated service to Academic Unit, School, and University. Examples include but are not limited to: committees, councils, initiatives, alumni/unit events, student clubs, development of CE programs and/or courses, and participation in divisional or school wide events as developer of content, panelist, moderator and/or MC. List and describe your involvement in aspects of recruitment, supervision, observation and mentoring of adjunct and/or full-time faculty. For each, please indicate the timeframe and your role as well as an assessment of your involvement. If you do not see a service role you had during the target year, please add here.

(B) Assess your performance in any compensated service to Academic Unit, School, and University. Examples include but are not limited to: ACP coordinator roles and/or directors of centers, labs, institutes or similar entities. For these positions and for faculty whose responsibilities are primarily administrative (i.e. academic directors), please assess your administrative role(s) and contributions. If you do not see a service role you had during the target year, please add here.

Section 5. Service (External)

List service outside of NYU including on conference, national or international professional and/or scholarly committees/boards/organizations, paid or unpaid professional consulting assignments, CE/industry partnerships, etc.

Section 6. Scholarly Contributions and Creative Production

List and describe scholarly, research, creative, and/or professional/industry activities. Include evidence scholarly and/or industry publications (including online), and conference presentations, panels and workshops (virtual and/or in person), etc.

Section 7. Grants and Funding (sourced from NYU Cayuse)

Confirm all grants and/or funding sources managed through Cayuse are represented here.

Section 8: Other Grants and Funding

Use this section to add any comment on grants and funding from section 7. Also use this section to report any other grants or funding that are not managed through Cayuse, including grants/funding applied for and grants/funding received, and case study publications. 

Section 9: Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

Include any evidence of recognition or success such as honors, awards, or fellowships.

Section 10. SPS Priorities

Dean Kamath has listed the items below as priorities. Discuss, if applicable, your contributions in each category:

  1. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  2. Student Success
  3. Cross-unit collaboration (please give examples of ways you have partnered with and/or supported colleagues outside of your unit)

Section 11. Looking Ahead & Other

List and briefly describe your professional goals as well as initiatives or projects you would like to pursue next academic year, including any resources or support required. Include any other relevant information that is not already covered in previous sections.

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Last Updated: November 1, 2022