Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Fund


As part of the collective bargaining agreement, all schools are provided a budget from the university to support the professional development of adjunct faculty. Each academic year (September 1 – August 31) eligible adjunct faculty members may request up to $1,250 to support their professional development as it pertains to their teaching at the NYU School of Professional Studies. 

Eligibility and Availability of Funds

The Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs (OAFA) will send out an email announcing availability of funds. Once this announcement is sent out, all union eligible adjunct faculty members may submit an application for the fund.  Per the collective bargaining agreement, adjunct faculty members who provide at least a total of forty contact hours of instruction in one or more courses in an academic year, or at least a total of 75 contact hours of individual instruction or tutoring during a semester are union eligible. Adjunct faculty members can check their contact hours by accessing the Faculty Appointment System (FAS).

Note the SPS Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs cannot determine union eligibility. All union inquiries should be sent directly to the Union Office.

Funds are awarded on a first come, first served basis and are disbursed as reimbursements, not as advances or payments for anticipated expenses. No exceptions to this policy can be made; faculty members should plan accordingly.

Use of the Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Fund

Funds from the Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Fund can only be applied to direct expenses associated with one single professional development activity of the faculty member requesting the funds. 

The fund may support and be applied to a wide range of activities, such as, but not limited to:

  • Attendance at and registration fees for conferences, workshops, or other professional meetings relevant to the courses taught at SPS
  • Funding the costs of travel for scholarship or attendance at a conference, workshop, or professional meeting (ex: transportation via personal vehicle, shuttle, taxis, or airplane)
  • Lodging and meals associated with attendance at a professional development event
  • Purchasing materials relevant to courses taught at SPS that are not readily available (books, journals, videos, microforms, etc.)

All activities and expenses to which funds are applied, as well as reimbursements, must be in compliance with University policies. These policies include the NYU Travel and Expense policy as well as the NYU Expense Reimbursement policy.

At their discretion, each School may impose additional policies. If you have any questions, please contact the SPS Office of Budget and Accounting.


  1. The OAFA announces the availability of funds, after which point Adjunct Faculty may complete the Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Fund application and submit the request and supporting documentation. Please note: the digital form replaces the PDF form emailed to our office in the past. Any supporting documentation must be uploaded to the application form as a single digital file.

  2. The OAFA will log the applications with the date and time received and complete an initial review to ensure all required information has been submitted.  Completed applications are forwarded to the faculty member’s associate dean or academic director for review.

  3. The associate dean or the academic director must verify that the request is relevant to the courses the faculty member teaches at SPS and that the activity will contribute to the requestor's professional development as it pertains to their teaching.

  4. The OAFA will forward applications to the Office of Budget and Accounting for a final review. The Office of Budget and Accounting will verify union eligibility and review the availability of funds.  Faculty members will be notified of the status of their request via the United States Postal Service. Faculty are encouraged to review and update their mailing address as needed in the Faculty Appointment System.

  5. Faculty members who receive an approval letter must submit all original itemized receipts, train and airline boarding passes, and conference badges with a copy of the approval letter to the Office of Budget and Accounting (; 7 East 12th Street, Room 1225) within thirty (30) days from the date of the activity. Credit card statements, copies of receipts, badges, and train or airline boarding passes cannot be accepted.

    Only expenses that were approved during the application process will be reimbursed.  Funds are reimbursed based on actual expenses which may be less than the approved total and may not exceed the amount approved. For questions regarding processing reimbursements, faculty members may contact the Office of Budget and Accounting (

For questions regarding the overall process, please contact the SPS Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs by email ( or by phone (212-992-9030)

The application period is currently closed. A notice will be sent out around mid-Fall once the application period for AY 2022-2023 is announced.

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Last Updated: September 2022