Test Instructions

As part of the application process to the MS in Translation & Interpreting, please schedule a time for an online ACTFL Reading Proficiency Test. The test, which will take less than an hour to complete, is used to check that your language skills are at the level where you will benefit from the instruction provided in this program. Successful applicants usually test at the Advanced level or higher.

ACTFL Reading Proficiency Test Instructions

  • Go to www.languagetesting.com.
  • Choose your source language (the language you translate from into English) from the pull-down menu and click Get Certified.
  • On the next page, direct your attention to the right-hand column labeled Students/Teachers and find Programs with ACTFL Requirements. Click on Choose Test.
  • Start typing "New York University" and the full "New York University School of Professional Studies/MS in Translation" account will appear. Then click Continue.
  • On the next page, select the Reading Proficiency Test – choose Select Test so that you see it turn blue, and click Continue to Schedule.

The RPT will cost $31 for the test and $20 for remote proctoring. All applicants receive a certificate from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages indicating their current proficiency level. You can list the proficiency certification on your resume or use it in other professional contexts.

You can also preview the test environment by using these RPT Sample Questions.

Since language skills are so important for this graduate program, the ACTFL RPT Test can only be waived if you completed an undergraduate or graduate degree at a school where the primary language of instruction was your chosen source language. You should provide the transcript from that school in the original language as part of your application.

If your source language is not currently offered by ACTFL, please contact sps.gradtranslation@nyu.edu.