Master's (MS) in Publishing Curriculum


CORE CURRICULUM: Core courses span across a range of topics, providing a solid foundation in areas that immerse you in the world of publishing and provide a comprehensive overview of its critical functions while helping you to decide on the areas you find may be of most interest to you.

AREAS OF STUDY: The curriculum explores publishing foundations and digital strategies, with an emphasis upon content development, marketing and distribution, and monetization, concluding with a capstone thesis project.

ELECTIVES: Students have broad flexibility tailoring the program to their interests and needs, selecting electives to round out their studies. Generally, electives may be chosen from any of the Area of Study courses.

INTERNSHIPS: Students benefit from the program's network of industry contacts by enrolling in an elective internship that supports career goals.

CAPSTONE: The culminating capstone project requires the creation of a viable business plan for a new media venture.

Degree Program Requirements


The degree constitutes a 36-credit program founded on a core curriculum. Coursework includes specific areas of study, advanced seminars, and a capstone thesis project.


Students are required to take the capstone course in their final semester.

Areas of Study

The MS in Publishing offers three areas of study for students to tailor their coursework. These correspond with the functions of the publishing industry: Media Content Development, Media Marketing and Distribution, and Media Profitability. Students are required to take at least three credits in each area of study plus an additional three credits in the area that interest them most, for a total of 12 credits across all areas of study.


Students are required to fulfill 6 credits from any of the courses listed below or they may choose to take additional courses from the Areas of Study list above. Students may also take PUBB1-GC 3910 Internship in Publishing twice during their time in the program to fulfill their elective credit.


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Admissions Criteria

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