Public Relations Management Concentration


Through the Public Relations Management concentration, you will expand your knowledge of public relations principles by focusing on the stakeholders, methods, and strategies behind creating PR campaigns that drive results. The concentration demonstrates the ways in which public relations combines technology, psychology, sociology, and business to build effective and targeted messaging.

The concentration prepares you for public relations jobs through required content that focuses on management of media relations, public relations skills as they relate to business, and planning and execution of public relations campaigns. Electives explore public relations career paths including: public relations consulting, public relations for nonprofits, and the ways to become a public relations professional in different specialty industries, as well as the emerging fields of global PR and intercultural relations. Experiential learning opportunities and public relations internships add tremendous value to the educational experience, preparing you for various professional roles.


Concentration: Public Relations Management (Electives)

Students select three of the following courses or two of the following courses and one course from the corporate and organizational communication concentration.


What does a public relations manager do?

How much does a public relations manager make?

What types of jobs are available for PR managers?

Why is public relations management so important?