Marketing Analytics Concentration

Concentration Overview

The MS in Integrated Marketing Marketing Analytics Concentration will help to prepare you for careers that utilize analytics and insights in order to frame critical marketing questions, to develop analytical approaches to support decision-making, and to apply data analytics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Courses offer a comprehensive overview of marketing analytics, providing a toolkit for analyzing, reporting, and acting upon marketing results. You’ll explore advanced algorithmic and traditional statistical modeling techniques to better understand the drivers of consumer behavior, choice, change, and outcomes. You will also gain a deeper understanding of web analytics and how they integrate with and measure marketing campaign results. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing will be covered along with measurement tools including pay per click (PPC) and clickstream analytics. You will also learn to report your findings using data visualization and will be able to develop marketing recommendations based upon the marketing data you analyze.



Concentration: Marketing Analytics

Students select four courses (12 credits) from any one concentration; or three courses from one concentration and one from either of the other concentrations; or may select with advisement, one (three-credit) course in a related field from another NYU School of Professional Studies graduate program.


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