Frequently Asked Questions

What is an accelerated degree?

Which semesters do you offer courses?

Can I apply for a Spring or Summer entry?

I want to pursue the program part-time. How long would it take me to complete the degree?

How many credits is the HCAT degree?

What is a STEM-designated program?

Is the HCAT degree a STEM-designated program?

Is this degree fully online?

Is Capstone always in-person?

People and Organization Management is an immersive residency course. What does that entail?

What if I can’t attend some or all of the 5-day in-person People and Organization Management course?

Is the Internship required?

I’m an international student. Do I qualify for a student visa?

Do you have a sample schedule for full-time and part-time study?

What are the deadlines to apply?

What is the cost to attend the program?

I’m ready to apply! Where do I start?