MS in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting


CORE CURRICULUM: All MS in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting students take the full 12 core courses, which include the Capstone Project. The sequence of courses provides a thorough introduction of individual and organizational effectiveness, goal-setting, presence, performance, and effective communication as well as how to consult with leaders on organizational culture, systems and design. Courses include: Science of Behavior and Change, Business Strategy, Coaching and Consulting Special Topics, Coaching and Consulting Practices, and Coaching and Consulting Mastery.

CAPSTONE: The Capstone Project will conclude the course of study for the MS in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting program. Finished theses must demonstrate comprehensive research and articulate original ideas and thought processes that make a practical contribution to the existing body of knowledge in the fields of Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting. All final papers must be in line with NYU SPS academic and research standards that are consistent with the requirements of current journals and publications.

Core Curriculum

Residency: Core Curriculum: Fundamentals

The ECOC Experience

Our core mission is to produce world class executive coaches and organizational consultants through a meticulously designed end-to-end experience that includes an initial five-day immersion program along with a blend of on-line proprietary courses and cohort gatherings. Throughout the program students will experience a powerful and very personal story arc as they develop their own self-knowledge along with the knowledge and skills needed to begin their journey as executive coaches and organizational consultants working with world-class organizations. Our aim is to provide a high-touch environment where students will be exposed to the most current and innovative research and technology around leader and organizational effectiveness, human performance, and behavior change. The NYU ECOC program will be:

  • A Cohort Model: We believe learning extends far beyond the classroom. The ECOC program starts every Fall Semester with an in-tact cohort of students designed to build bonds and establish a collaborative learning environment where students can practice with each other and learn from a diverse set of perspectives.
  • Team Taught: The program will be team taught by a dynamic mix of core full-time NYU faculty and adjunct faculty from industry. To ensure students are exposed to a variety of healthy perspectives you can expect frequent appearances from outside experts and industry thought leaders both inside and outside of the classroom.  
  • High Touch: We will make sure to provide personal check-ins and frequent touch points (one-on-ones, group immersion sessions, events and social experiences) to allow for continuous dialogue between students and faculty. 

The NYU Advantage

  • The NYU Brand
    • Our global reputation and reach as a world class university with 13 global sites
    • Our research resources and thought leadership within SPS and across the university
    • Our partnerships and connections with industry leaders and employers of choice  
  • Our Deep Dive
    • A deep dive into foundational content (Science of Behavior and Change) that basic training programs do not provide
    • PhD trained full-time university faculty
    • Highly experienced and credentialed adjunct faculty from industry leading firms    
  • An Unparalleled Student Experience
    • Exposure to thought leaders and major employers of coaches and consultants
    • Direct access to the latest coaching and consulting research and technology
    • Cutting edge remote and online learning technology
    • Courses co-designed by subject matter experts and professionally trained instructional designers
    • A student cohort model of experienced professionals designed to foster deep engagement, collaborative learning, and long-term bonding


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Admissions Criteria

The NYU SPS Admissions team carefully weighs each component of your application during the admissions review process to evaluate your ability to benefit from and contribute to the dynamic learning environment and the challenging curriculum that the NYU School of Professional Studies offers.


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Financing Your Education

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Frequently Asked Questions

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