5 Pillars of the Program

5 Pillars of the Program

The Executive Master's in Marketing and Strategic Communications focuses on the content, skills, and experiences that matter most to executives who must lead change, manage global teams, and make critical strategic decisions. This understanding and expectation is integrated into every course offered, serving as the basis for all classroom teaching, learning, and assessment. It becomes part of the toolkit you acquire as your studies progress.



Mastering the New Fundamentals: The world of marketing and communications has been radically re-shaped with the impact of data-driven solutions, technology-enabled processes, and online-mediated interactions with consumers and other publics. Mastering this new set of fundamental skills is critical for senior leaders of marketing and communications functions.


Finding the Right Perspective: Identifying the signal in the noise of data, and understanding the fundamental drivers of the businesses you want to lead and help grow, requires new perspectives about competition, consumers, collaborators, and the culture and society in which we operate.


Identifying Paths to Grow: Managing portfolios of products and brands and innovating in an increasingly disruptive and an uncertain marketplace requires new capabilities and approaches across distribution, pricing, product development, promotion, and business model innovation.


Speaking the Language of Business: Only 4% of CEOs see their CMOs as the most trusted member of the leadership team, and many express limited confidence in their marketing and communications leaders to focus on driving profitable growth for the company. Achieving and maintaining a ‘seat at the table’ requires a comfort level with the numbers that drive business decisions, command of pivotal inflection points in a company’s interaction with its financial stakeholders, and a C-Suite management and leadership perspective.


Making it Happen: Personal resilience, empathy, collaboration, and the power to translate complex ideas into action are hallmarks of leaders who can elevate the marketing and communications function to orchestrate and lead major growth initiatives.