DeLaine Mayer

Adjunct Instructor

Center for Global Affairs

  • BA, Ohio Wesleyan University
  • MS, New York University
  • MS, Colorado School of Mines
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DeLaine Mayer is passionate about the research and deployment of advanced technologies that can address the climate crisis on Earth while enabling sustainable, long-term human development off-Earth.

DeLaine is a founding member and Director of Public Relations at Nebula Energy, an investment platform and logistics provider for low-carbon and net-zero energy solutions. She is also adjunct faculty at New York University, where she teaches a graduate course on astropolitics (the politics, policies, and technologies of outer space) at the Center for Global Affairs.

DeLaine earned her M.S. with distinction from NYU studying Global Affairs with a specialization in Energy and Environmental Policy. She completed her M.S. in Space Resources at Colorado School of Mines, researching astropolitics, technology management, and resource utilization in space.

Her past work in the energy sector contributed to the development of multi-million-dollar distributed energy projects in the United States, Mexico, and Jamaica and her work in the emerging Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) industry advanced the development and deployment of bioplastics technology to engender more sustainable supply chains. In 2021, DeLaine won NASA iTech’s “space packaging” competition, advocating that Full Cycle Bioplastics’ waste-to-bioplastic climate solution could be adapted for use by human settlements in space.

Astropolitik: The Politics, Policies, and Technologies of Outer Space