Matthew A Diabes

Clinical Assistant Professor

Human Capital Management

  • BS, University of Pittsburgh
  • MS, Carnegie Mellon University
  • PHD, Carnegie Mellon University
Contact Info

Dr. Matthew A. Diabes is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Human Capital Analytics and Technology at NYU’s School of Professional Studies. Matthew recently joined the department as full-time faculty in the fall of 2023 after completing his PhD in Organizational Behavior and Theory the same year. Dr. Diabes teaches courses in quantitative research methods for people analytics in SPS’s Human Capital Management and Human Capital Analytics and Technology masters programs.

Prior to joining NYU, Dr. Diabes was the Chief Science and Innovation Officer for Lattitude, a SaaS solution for employee mentorship and career advocacy. Additionally, Dr. Diabes has performed people analytics and conducted research at organizations in the tech, tech consulting, healthcare, and financial services industries, including Argo AI (now Latitude AI, owned by Ford Motor Company), PNC Bank, and UPMC.

Dr. Diabes’ research is motivated by the central question, "What conditions enable positive collaborative relationships to emerge, and how are they maintained?" Broadly, his research examines conflict and collaboration processes, intrateam communication and coordination, interpersonal trust and knowledge-sharing on teams, and the social and organizational value of well-being (e.g. psychological health, happiness, fulfillment). Dr. Diabes is published in several research outlets and frequently presents his research at international academic conferences including the Academy of Management, the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research, and the International Association for Conflict Management