Lucine Hanessian

Adjunct Instructor

Center for Global Affairs

  • BA, McGill University
  • MS, University of San Diego Kroc School
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Lu Hanessian is a trauma resilience consultant, adjunct professor, researcher, and facilitator working across sectors with companies, non-profits, educational institutions, and communities.

Distilling multidisciplinary sciences and evidence-based practices, Lu designs and leads trauma-informed programs and pedagogies that scaffold resilience-centered learning experiences from primary to graduate schools; collaborates with teams and companies to develop stress-resilient workplaces; and facilitates neuroscience-based leadership development. 

To address the complex needs and challenges of human rights and humanitarian aid work in the field, Lu develops neuroscience-based psychoeducational supports for practitioner self-efficacy, sustainability, and wellbeing in the field, both individually and collectively, through co-active trauma-informed resilience education and practice.

Integrating interdisciplinary science, research and praxis as adjunct professor and facilitator, Lu draws from interpersonal neurobiology; developmental, affective and cognitive sciences; neuropsychology of conflict; trauma-sensitive communication and restorative practices; historical and generational trauma; the intersections of adversity, health and social justice; and the science of hope, healing arts, and community resilience. She received her Master of Science degree in Conflict Management and Resolution from the Kroc School of Peace and Justice Studies at the University of San Diego.

Lu Hanessian is an award-winning journalist (Gannett News-USA Today Network), former NBC Network television anchor and Discovery Health Channel host, as well as host of more than 13 television shows, with more than 25 years of national and international broadcast journalism experience. As host and executive producer of "The Foreseeable Now" podcast, Lu and her guests explore insights and perspectives that widen our lens on how we frame and tell our stories, how we harvest hope in adversity, and how we live, lead, learn, and harness the present as living potential.