Melissa Fisher

Adjunct Instructor

Human Capital Management

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Melissa Fisher, a cultural anthropologist, is a Senior Advisor focused on workplace culture and
design at CFAR Consulting; a Visiting Scholar at New York University’s Institute for Public
Knowledge; and an Associate Researcher in the Global Foresight Project based out of the
Swedish Collegium of Advanced Study. Her contribution to the Project, now a book in progress,
aims to understand the knowledge and cultural dynamics involved in creating Post-Covid work
environments, with a focus on promoting equity and justice or perpetuating hierarchies of class,
race, gender, and power. Fisher is also known for her expertise in organizational studies,
globalization, finance and work as showcased in her books Frontiers of Capital: Ethnographic
Reflections on the New Economy (2006) and Wall Street Women (2012). Prior to joining NYU
SPS Fisher was the Laurits Andersen Professor of Business and Organizational Anthropology at
the University of Copenhagen. Previously she held full time positions at NYU’s Department of
Social and Cultural Analysis, and Georgetown University’s Department of Anthropology. She
holds a B.A. in English from Barnard College, and a PH. D and M.A in Anthropology from
Columbia University.