Clinton A Mixon

Adjunct Associate Professor

Center for Global Affairs

  • BS, US Air Force Academy
  • MA, Naval Postgraduate School
  • MSS, US Army War College
Contact Info

Clint Mixon is an adjunct associate professor and the Information Security Lead for The New School who teaches courses with the MS in Global Security, Conflict, and Cybercrime (STEM) program at the NYU SPS Center for Global Affairs.

Clint has over twenty-five years of leadership experience, ranging from small teams to cross-functional teams of 450+, while managing over $4B in assets and annual budgets of over $400M. Additionally, he served a tour at US Cyber Command and has collaborated with the Cyber National Mission Force to train and educate their Cyber Protection Teams (CPTs).

 Recognized as a trusted adviser, Clint provides counsel to leaders within the US Department of Defense and International Ministries of Defense on matters concerning cybersecurity and the strategic mitigation of adversary cyber activities.

 Clint is a distinguished 26-year veteran of the US Air Force and deployed to combat zones on seven separate occasions. Notably, he served as an F-15E squadron commander of combat forces in three distinct multinational coalition operations.