Lorenzo Vigotti

Adjunct Instructor

Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies

  • M.Arch, University of Florence, Italy
  • MA, Columbia University
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Nov 01 2018

1 Before Palazzo Medici: Earlier Domestic Traditions in Shaping the Renaissance Palace in Florence, 1380-1420

By Art and Experience in Trecento Italy
Sep 01 2017

2 From centuries-old squalor: The Ghetto of Florence, from history to virtual life. Introduction to the Ghetto Mapping Project

By Rivista di Letteratura Storiografica Italiana
Jun 01 2017

3 Reconstructing a Lost Space: The Ghetto Mapping Project at the MAP

By Materia Giudaica
Jan 01 2014

Architecture: the Whole Story [Chapter: Late Renaissance]

By Thames & Hudson